Egg Lilies

Gliding through the Prime Minister’s party in the long-sleeved black shift that concealed her alien form, Milla TaPo tried not to look at the human party-goers in their various states of undress. As the Vendan custodian of the egg lilies arranged on the tables, she stroked the blooms to coax the maximum scent from them. At the Prime Minister’s party. The Prime Minister! When she had left her clan just after laying her eggs, her curiosity had never envisioned the complexity of human society. Now, at the top of that society, what new opportunities awaited her?

A crash came from the table at her right. The Prime Minister lay on the floor, naked, oblivious to the heavy perfume of the lilies above him. Milla felt his chest pain, displacing his lust, and she rubbed her left shoulder. The woman with him shook his arm. “Renaldo?”