The Trashpusher of Planet 4

In the center of the ship, near the AI, a dozen candidates for methane drainer scurried out of the examination room.

“Watch it, trash!” a young chemical engineer snapped as he bumped another student.

“I’m sorry.” Awi trashpusher nonumber had a blind spot behind him. Though an adult, only four of the six eyes on his pale, skinny, cylindrical body had developed. The engineer castes had twelve eyes in two rings around their upper tips.

. . .

Awi focused all four eyes on the engineer who had conducted the exam. “Excellent Examiner, do you have my results?”

The engineer drew his body up to maximum height. “I don’t waste my time on trashpushers.”

“But my exam was perfect! I know it!”

“I didn’t mark it.” He turned the corner and was gone.